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US officials monitor Bitcoin miners with ties to China due to national security concerns, per report.

US Government Monitoring China-Linked Bitcoin Miners Raises National Security Concerns

US Officials Keep Tabs on Cryptocurrency Mining Operations

Officials within the United States government are reportedly closely monitoring certain cryptocurrency mining operations with ties to China. This development has raised concerns regarding national security, particularly due to the proximity of these operations to military bases and other areas connected to national defense. The New York Times reported on October 13 that many Bitcoin (BTC) data centers in the US can be traced back to the Chinese government.

Monitoring Chinese Mining Operations

Authorities have been scrutinizing various mining operations, including one in Wyoming near a Microsoft data center that supports Pentagon operations. The concern stems from the potential risks associated with these operations, given their close proximity to critical national infrastructure. The US government is particularly wary of potential security vulnerabilities and the influence that the Chinese government may have over these operations.

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Ensuring National Security

The US government’s vigilance is aimed at safeguarding national security and protecting sensitive information. By monitoring China-linked Bitcoin miners, officials aim to mitigate potential risks and prevent any compromise of national defense operations. The concern is that these mining operations may provide an avenue for unauthorized access or tampering with critical infrastructure, hence the need for heightened surveillance.

Raising Awareness and Addressing Concerns

The scrutiny of Chinese mining operations is part of a broader effort to address potential vulnerabilities in the US cryptocurrency industry. By shedding light on the ties between data centers and the Chinese government, authorities hope to raise awareness and promote a more secure environment for cryptocurrency mining. This proactive approach will help to ensure that national security remains a top priority.


The United States government’s monitoring of China-linked Bitcoin miners underscores its commitment to safeguarding national security. By closely scrutinizing these operations, officials aim to identify and address any potential risks they may pose. This proactive approach will help protect critical infrastructure and sensitive information, ensuring the integrity of national defense operations.

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