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Bybit and Global Leaders collaborate to establish Blockchain for Good Alliance, steering Web3 towards social impact.

Bybit Partners with Web3 Communities to Launch Blockchain for Good Alliance

Bybit’s Strategic Partnership

Bybit, a leading crypto exchange, has announced a strategic partnership with global Web3 communities to establish the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA). This alliance aims to leverage blockchain technology for social good by collaborating with blockchain foundations, universities, and NGOs.

Empowering Social Advancement

The BGA addresses a crucial gap in the Web3 industry by harnessing blockchain and crypto ecosystems to drive social advancement and address pressing issues. Bybit, along with other industry leaders, will use Web3 technology to democratize finance and find solutions to global challenges.

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Focus Areas of BGA

The alliance will focus on providing blockchain technology training, supporting projects for social betterment, managing initiatives, and offering financial support to ensure the success of impactful projects. Bybit will lead discussions, host hackathons, and share expertise to enhance technical and project management skills among partners.

Bybit’s Vision for the Future

Bybit’s COO, Helen Liu, shared the inspiration behind the initiative at Blockchain Life Dubai 2024. She emphasized the importance of creating a more inclusive Web3 ecosystem that benefits humanity. Bybit is committed to bridging the gap between users and Web3 potential through innovative and accessible products.

About Blockchain for Good Alliance

The Blockchain for Good Alliance is a collaborative non-profit initiative that aims to use blockchain technology to solve real-world problems and contribute to societal good. By convening leaders and innovators from the blockchain community, BGA seeks to drive innovation and action towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

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About Bybit Web3

Bybit Web3 is redefining openness in the decentralized world, creating a simpler and more accessible ecosystem for everyone. With a community of over 1 million wallet users and numerous ecosystem partners, Bybit Web3 offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to make Web3 assets more accessible and user-friendly.

About Bybit

Bybit is one of the world’s top three crypto exchanges, serving 25 million users globally. Established in 2018, Bybit offers a professional platform with a fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service, and multilingual support. Bybit is also a proud partner of Formula One’s Red Bull Racing team.

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