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Issam Abdallah’s fearless reporting on major global events offers unique insights, devoid of complex jargon.

Remembering Issam Abdallah: A Courageous Visuals Journalist

A Talented Journalist with a Passion for Storytelling

Issam Abdallah, a fearless Reuters visuals journalist, tragically lost his life while documenting Israeli missile attacks at the Israeli-Lebanon border. Throughout his career, Abdallah brought bravery, compassion, and insight to his work, covering some of the most significant global events of the past decade.

From the war against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Abdallah excelled at capturing the untold human stories amidst these catastrophes. With a deep understanding of the power of images, he wrote to his editors last year, “The picture is not only front lines and smoke, but the untold human stories which touch us all inside.”

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Recognized Excellence and Unwavering Passion

Abdallah’s exceptional work did not go unnoticed. In 2020, he was nominated for the prestigious Reuters Video Journalist of the Year award for his outstanding coverage of the devastating Beirut port blast. He played a vital role in providing the world with the first and most powerful images of the disaster. Additionally, Abdallah was part of a larger team that won the award in 2022 for their exceptional coverage in Ukraine.

His passion for storytelling extended beyond the frontlines of conflict. Whether it was a papal visit or an earthquake, Abdallah had a genuine passion for capturing the essence of every story he encountered. He fostered close friendships with his colleagues and their families, always finding ways to lift their spirits in the midst of Lebanon’s economic and political crises. He often ordered large breakfast spreads for the entire office, bringing everyone together for group photos.

A Careful and Courageous Reporter

Abdallah’s dedication to his craft was unwavering, even in the face of danger. Reporting from some of the world’s most perilous places, he earned a reputation for being cautious and meticulous. He prioritized the safety of himself and his colleagues, ensuring they navigated difficult environments with utmost care.

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During a grueling assignment in 2019, Abdallah was among the first journalists to report on the surrender of hundreds of Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria. His reporting was both courageous and responsible, leaving an indelible mark on those who worked alongside him.

An Enduring Legacy

Issam Abdallah’s funeral took place in his hometown of Khiyam in southern Lebanon, where he was laid to rest next to his father. He leaves behind his mother, two brothers, and a sister. Lebanon’s army stated that Abdallah was killed by an Israeli-fired missile, and Reuters has urged Israel to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation.

Abdallah’s devotion to his work and belief in the power of images will forever be remembered. Through his lens, the world witnessed the fatal shell that tragically took his life. His impact on the field of journalism and his colleagues’ lives will continue to inspire future generations.

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