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Israeli forces ready to retaliate to Iran aggression as international pleas for peace grow louder.

Israel Awaits Response to Iran’s Attack

Israel’s Reaction to Iran’s First-Ever Direct Attack

Israeli citizens are on edge, waiting to see how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will react to Iran’s unprecedented direct assault. International pressure mounts for restraint, fearing a potential escalation in the Middle East conflict.

Netanyahu’s Response to Iran’s Attack

Netanyahu has called for his war cabinet to convene for the second time in less than 24 hours to discuss a response to Iran’s missile and drone strike. Israeli Military Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi has affirmed that Israel will retaliate, although specifics remain undisclosed.

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International Concerns and Calls for Restraint

The possibility of Israeli retaliation has raised alarm among Iranians already grappling with economic hardships and increased social and political restrictions following protests in 2022-23. Various world leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, European officials, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, have urged for de-escalation and restraint.

Escalation Fears and Regional Tensions

The recent exchange of hostilities between Israel and Iran has heightened fears of a full-blown conflict between the two long-standing adversaries. Incidents in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, coupled with clashes in Gaza, have intensified concerns of escalating violence.

Global Diplomatic Efforts to Prevent Conflict

Leaders from the EU, G7 nations, and other countries have made appeals for peace and urged all parties to exercise caution. The U.S. Defense Secretary has reassured support for Israel while emphasizing a commitment to avoid escalation.

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China and Russia’s Stance on the Situation

Russia, while refraining from publicly criticizing Iran, has emphasized the importance of restraint to avoid further escalation. China has expressed confidence in Iran’s ability to manage the situation while safeguarding regional stability.

G7 Contemplates Sanctions Against Iran

The G7 nations are considering coordinated sanctions against Iran in response to the recent attack. Italy, holding the G7 presidency, has hinted at potential sanctions targeting individuals and emphasized the need for unanimous support from all members.

Disruption in Air Travel and Continued Tensions

The aftermath of Iran’s attack has disrupted air travel, prompting airlines to cancel or reroute flights. Europe’s aviation regulator has advised caution in Israeli and Iranian airspace, reflecting ongoing tensions in the region.

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