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Protests over Israel-Hamas conflict stir tensions at American colleges, drawing attention from all perspectives.

Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Escalate Tensions on US College Campuses

Tensions Rise at Columbia University

At Columbia University in New York City, two opposing groups of students engaged in tense pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrations. The university restricted public access to ensure safety as the groups faced off. Palestinian supporters, many concealing their identities with face masks, held signs advocating for a free Palestine. Meanwhile, Israeli supporters silently held up posters displaying the faces of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas.

Growing Conflict and Fear on College Campuses

The recent attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on Israel has resulted in a severe Israeli response, including bombardment and a planned ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. As the death toll rises on both sides, tensions among students with differing views have escalated. Statements from student groups supporting Palestinians have sparked outrage and fear among Jewish students, leading to reports of harassment and assaults against both pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students.

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Administrators Grapple with Ensuring Campus Security

College administrators are facing the challenge of maintaining campus security while denouncing the violence in the Middle East. They must navigate a highly charged political and historical dispute that impacts Jewish and Palestinian students personally. The recent controversy at Harvard University highlighted these challenges, as alumni criticized a joint student group statement that blamed Israel entirely for the war. Administrators clarified that the statement did not represent the university’s position.

Students for Justice in Palestine Declares “Day of Resistance”

The national group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organized a “day of resistance,” with demonstrations held by its 200 chapters at colleges across North America. SJP advocates for an independent Palestine and praised Hamas’ attack as a “historic win.” However, the Anti-Defamation League cautioned that SJP was condoning terrorism by repackaging it as justified acts of resistance. The University of Arizona’s SJP chapter canceled a planned protest after their university’s president condemned the national group’s endorsement of Hamas’ actions.

Tensions Persist Despite Harassment and Threats

Despite facing harassment and assault, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) chapter of SJP organized a march for Palestine. Similarly, Georgetown University’s SJP chapter held a vigil but restricted media access due to increased harassment and threats against Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and anti-Zionist students. The campus climate remains tense as Israeli retaliation against Hamas intensifies.

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The ongoing conflict between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups on college campuses highlights the deep divisions and fears among students. College administrators strive to balance campus security while ensuring that all students feel supported. The impact of these tensions reaches far beyond the campuses, reflecting the broader complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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