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Institutional Investors: Discover a Cutting-Edge Data Solution for the Cloud Era, Tailored to Your Needs.

J.P. Morgan Introduces Securities Services Data Mesh in Fusion

New Feature Enhances Data Access for Institutional Investors

J.P. Morgan has unveiled its Securities Services Data Mesh, a new addition to Fusion, its cloud-native data technology solution. This development underscores the increasing significance of advanced data access in the Securities Services industry.

Fusion Addresses Integration and Scalability Challenges

Gérard Francis, Head of Data Solutions at J.P. Morgan, emphasized the role of Fusion in tackling integration and scalability hurdles in asset servicing data. As investments become more complex, Fusion’s cloud technology offers vital investment data from J.P. Morgan’s Custody, Fund Accounting, and Middle Office services through REST APIs, Jupyter notebooks, and the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud.

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Direct Data Access from Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Fusion’s Data Mesh now includes Securities Services data, allowing direct access from both cloud and on-premise applications. The solution’s compatibility with Snowflake enables seamless access to J.P. Morgan data across various cloud providers. With the introduction of new REST API, Python, and Java SDKs, integration into workflows and advanced analytics becomes effortless, supporting activities such as automated reconciliation, investment analysis, and reporting.

Optimized Data Access through Fusion Python Library

Investors can now directly access their data in Jupyter notebooks using the Fusion Python library. This optimized tool for developers includes a notifications service, self-service tools, and access to data catalogs, enhancing the overall user experience.

Praise for Fusion’s Transformative Effect

Benoit Dageville, co-founder of Snowflake, commended Fusion for its transformative effect on client experience, specifically by modernizing securities services data access. Additionally, Julia Hegelstad from Storebrand Asset Management praised Fusion for its reliability.

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Fusion Empowers the Data-Driven Securities Services Industry

Tim Fitzgerald of J.P. Morgan highlighted Fusion’s central role in the data-driven Securities Services industry. These advancements significantly impact J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank, which holds $30.4 trillion in assets under custody and $647.5 billion in deposits.

Positive Outlook for J.P. Morgan

According to InvestingPro data, J.P. Morgan boasts a market capitalization of $424.84 billion USD and a relatively low P/E ratio of 9.37. This suggests that the company may be undervalued. With a revenue growth rate of 12.14%, J.P. Morgan’s recent technological advancements and product launches are contributing to its rapid growth.

Strong Financial Health and Dividend Payments

InvestingPro Tips highlights J.P. Morgan’s prominent position in the banking industry, with 53 consecutive years of dividend payments and a 2.88% dividend yield. These factors demonstrate the company’s strong financial health and commitment to rewarding its shareholders. Furthermore, positive sentiment towards J.P. Morgan’s future performance is reflected in upward revisions of earnings estimates by 7 analysts.

Insights and Analysis on InvestingPro

For more insights and tips on J.P. Morgan, visit the InvestingPro platform. It offers 11 additional tips, providing a comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial health and prospects.

Richard Hillary serves as the media contact for these initiatives at J.P. Morgan.

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