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Baidu’s AI chatbot ‘Ernie Bot’ reaches 200 million users, a major milestone for the company.

China’s Baidu’s Chatbot “Ernie Bot” Gains 200 Million Users

Ernie Bot’s Popularity Surges

In a recent announcement, China’s tech giant Baidu revealed that its AI chatbot “Ernie Bot” has surpassed 200 million users, solidifying its position as China’s leading ChatGPT-style chatbot amidst fierce competition.

Robin Li Unveils Milestone

During a conference in Shenzhen, Robin Li, the CEO of Baidu, shared this significant milestone with the public, marking the chatbot’s rapid growth since its release just eight months ago.

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API Usage Soars

Li also mentioned that Ernie Bot’s application programming interface (API) is being utilized a staggering 200 million times daily, showcasing the high demand for the chatbot’s services among users.

Enterprise Clients on the Rise

The number of enterprise clients utilizing Ernie Bot has reached 85,000, highlighting the chatbot’s widespread adoption across various industries.

Rapid Growth Despite Competition

Despite facing competition from other AI services like the “Kimi” chatbot, Ernie Bot continues to maintain its user base and engagement levels, with both chatbots experiencing significant growth in user visits.

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Global AI Landscape

While Chinese AI services are making strides, global giants like OpenAI’s ChatGPT still dominate the generative AI space, with continued growth in user engagement and popularity.

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