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Expected decrease in US home heating bills this winter, says EIA report.

US Home Heating Bills Expected to Remain Stable or Decrease this Winter

A Positive Outlook for Winter Heating Costs

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), most American households can expect to spend the same amount or even less on heating their homes this winter compared to last year. The EIA’s winter fuels outlook suggests that heating costs will largely depend on location and the type of fuel used.

Gas Users to Benefit from Lower Prices

The EIA predicts that households relying on gas as their primary heating fuel, which accounts for 46% of US households, will likely spend less this winter. This decrease is mainly due to the projected lower gas prices compared to the previous year.

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Warmer Weather Influences Cost Savings

In addition to the lower gas prices, households in the western US are expected to enjoy reduced heating costs. The EIA attributes this to the milder winter temperatures anticipated for the region, compared to the unusually cold previous winter.

Gas and Western US Households Account for Cost Reductions

Combined, gas-using households and those in the western US make up 56% of all American households. Therefore, the majority of households are likely to benefit from these cost-saving factors.

Importance of Winter Fuel Inventories

Given that the demand for heating fuels during winter surpasses US production, the EIA emphasizes the significance of inventories to meet this demand. While gas and propane inventories are above the five-year average, distillate fuel, including heating oil, falls below this average.

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Projected Cost Savings for Gas Users

The EIA projects that the 60.1 million households relying on gas as their primary heating fuel can expect to spend approximately $601 to heat their homes this winter. This projection represents a 21% decrease compared to the previous winter.

Heating Costs by Fuel Type

  • Natural Gas: $601 for 60,088,000 households
  • Electricity: $1,063 for 55,730,000 households
  • Propane: $1,343 for 6,513,000 households
  • Heating Oil: $1,851 for 4,789,000 households
  • Wood: 1,770,000 households
  • Other: 3,029,000 households

With a total of 131,919,000 households, these figures provide a comprehensive overview of heating costs in the US.

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