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US Republicans face resistance in connecting aid to Israel and Ukraine, according to Reuters.

Some US Republicans Resist Combining Aid for Israel and Ukraine

US Republicans Show Resistance

Some US Republican lawmakers have expressed their reluctance to approve Democratic President Joe Biden’s funding request that combines military aid for both Israel and Ukraine. This resistance arises from some Republicans’ opposition to providing further assistance to Kyiv.

Support for Israel

President Biden and members of Congress from both parties have pledged their unwavering support for Israel in the wake of the recent attack by Hamas militants. The attack, which resulted in the deaths of 1,200 Israelis, has led to a strong retaliation against the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip.

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Ukraine’s Funding Needs

While the focus remains on Israel, there is still a pressing need to provide additional funding to Ukraine as it battles against Russian invaders. In August, Biden requested $24 billion from Congress to support Ukraine and address related international needs. However, this request is still pending approval.

Republican Criticism of Ukraine Assistance

A vocal group of Republicans has been critical of providing assistance to Ukraine for several months. They accuse Kyiv of not doing enough to combat corruption, despite denials from both Ukrainian and US officials.

A Combined Spending Package

Some supporters of Ukraine have suggested that President Biden should propose a new spending package that includes assistance for both Israel and Ukraine. There have even been calls to include aid for Taiwan, which is facing increased pressure from China.

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Unfinalized Funding Request

White House national security spokesman, John Kirby, stated that the parameters for the additional funding request to Congress have not yet been finalized.

Opposition to a Combined Request

Some Republicans in the House of Representatives, who are already dealing with a leadership vacuum after the removal of Representative Kevin McCarthy as speaker, have expressed their opposition to a combined funding request. They believe that aid to Israel and Ukraine should be considered separately.

Prepared to Help Israel

Republican Representative Don Bacon, after a classified briefing on the situation in Israel, stated that there hasn’t been an official request from Israel yet, but they are prepared to assist if needed. He supports aid to both Israel and Ukraine but believes they should be addressed individually.

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