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Illumina to sell Grail if court appeals fail in US or EU, says Reuters.

Illumina to Divest Grail if Final Court Appeals are Lost

Illumina’s Decision to Divest Grail

Illumina Inc has announced its intention to divest Grail, a cancer test maker, if the company loses its final appeals in either U.S. or European courts. The divestiture process will be expedited in the event of an unfavorable outcome in these appeals.

Background of the Decision

In August 2021, Illumina completed its acquisition of Grail for $7.1 billion, but failed to obtain regulatory approval from the EU. Subsequently, the EU imposed a massive fine of €432 million ($476 million) on the genetic testing company due to the deal. This development has compelled Illumina to consider divesting Grail.

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Prioritizing a Swift Divestiture

Should Illumina face the setback of losing its final appeals, the company is committed to carrying out the divestiture of Grail as quickly as possible. This decision aims to mitigate any potential negative impact on Illumina’s operations and ensure a seamless transition.

The Way Forward for Illumina

Illumina’s focus remains on the continued advancement of its life sciences endeavors. The company’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technologies will allow it to navigate any challenges that may arise from the divestiture process.


Illumina’s decision to divest Grail in the event of unfavorable court appeals showcases the company’s commitment to adaptability and resilience. As Illumina continues to forge ahead in the life sciences industry, it remains poised to overcome any obstacles and drive innovation in the field.

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