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U.S. sending air defense systems and weapons to Israel, confirms defense official, per Reuters report.

US Rushes Air Defenses and Munitions to Israel to Counter Hamas Attack

US Military Supports Israel’s Response to Hamas Attack

The US military is providing urgent assistance to Israel in response to the unprecedented attack by Hamas over the weekend. Air defenses, munitions, and other security supplies are being surged to help Israel effectively counter the threat. The United States remains in constant contact with Israeli counterparts to determine and fulfill their most urgent requirements. To expedite pending Israeli orders, Washington is also reaching out to the defense industry and exploring its own military stockpiles.

US Readiness to Support Both Ukraine and Israel

Despite concerns about the ability to supply Israel while providing weaponry to Ukraine, a senior US defense official assured that they are capable of supporting both countries and maintaining their own global readiness. This reassurance comes amidst escalating violence following Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, which resulted in hundreds of casualties and the seizure of hostages. The attack prompted Israel to declare war and raised the risk of a major conflict in the Middle East.

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Comparing the Hamas Attack to ISIS Savagery

The senior US official drew a parallel between the Hamas attack and the savagery exhibited by ISIS. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also made a similar comparison, highlighting the ruthless tactics employed by the Palestinian Islamist group. President Joe Biden confirmed that at least 11 American citizens were among those killed in Israel, and it is likely that US citizens are among the Hamas hostages. The White House has directed its team to collaborate with Israeli counterparts in addressing the hostage crisis.

No Evidence of Iranian Involvement in the Attack

Contrary to a report by the Wall Street Journal alleging Iranian security officials’ involvement in planning the attack in Israel, the United States has not found any evidence supporting this claim. While acknowledging Iran’s historical support for Hamas and Hezbollah, the US defense official stated that there is currently no information corroborating the specifics of the Wall Street Journal story.

With the surge of air defenses and munitions, the US military is providing crucial support to Israel in its response to the Hamas attack. The ongoing communication and collaboration between the two countries ensure that Israel’s urgent requirements are met promptly. Despite concerns about balancing support for Ukraine and Israel, the US remains committed to both nations’ security. The comparison between the Hamas attack and ISIS savagery highlights the severity of the situation, emphasizing the need for a swift and effective response. While the involvement of Iran has been alleged, concrete evidence is yet to be found. The United States continues to monitor the situation closely and stands ready to assist Israel in restoring stability and security.

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