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Options trading activity increases significantly for Southwest Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, and Zoom, as observed by

Options Trading Surges for Southwest Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, and Zoom

Options Trading Soars for Prominent Companies

Options trading experienced a significant surge on Monday within the Russell 3000 index for three prominent companies – Southwest Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, and Zoom Video Communications. These companies saw a substantial increase in options trading volume, indicating a high level of investor interest.

Southwest Airlines Takes Flight in Options Trading

Southwest Airlines, a major player in the Passenger Airlines industry, witnessed a remarkable increase in options trading. Approximately 29,557 contracts were traded, representing about 3.0 million shares or 42.3% of its average daily volume over the past month. The $25.50 strike put option due in October 2023 received significant attention from investors. Despite trading near its 52-week low, Southwest Airlines holds a strong financial position with more cash than debt on its balance sheet. Additionally, its robust earnings provide confidence in the company’s ability to continue dividend payments.

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JPMorgan Chase Sees Heightened Options Volume

JPMorgan Chase also experienced a surge in options trading, with options volume reaching 36,682 contracts. This volume equates to around 3.7 million shares or 41.2% of its average daily volume over the past month. Notably, the $150 strike call option for October 2023 attracted significant activity, indicating investor interest in the company’s future performance.

Zoom Video Communications Gains Momentum in Options Market

Zoom Video Communications, known for its innovative video communication platform, witnessed a rise in options volume as well. Approximately 12,462 contracts were traded, accounting for about 1.2 million shares or 40.6% of its average daily volume over the past month. The $80 strike call option due in October 2023 garnered substantial attention, reflecting investor optimism in Zoom’s future prospects.

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