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Search for Survivors Continues Days After Devastating Earthquakes Strike Northwest Afghanistan

Rescue Efforts Intensify in Herat After Deadly Earthquakes

Rescue workers are working tirelessly to save lives and retrieve bodies from the wreckage in Herat, Afghanistan, following a series of devastating earthquakes.

Devastation Strikes Herat

Herat, a northwestern city in Afghanistan, and its surrounding areas have been hit by the deadliest earthquakes the country has seen in years. The Taliban administration has reported a death toll of at least 2,400, with many more injured. These earthquakes rank among the world’s most deadly disasters this year, alongside tremors in Turkey and Syria that claimed the lives of approximately 50,000 people.

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Neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Iran have offered their assistance, pledging to send rescue workers and humanitarian aid. China’s Red Cross Society has also extended its support by offering cash relief aid.

Desperate Search for Survivors

“The operation is still ongoing, with more people being pulled out of the rubble,” said Nissar Ahmad Elyias, the spokesman for Herat’s governor. The impact of the earthquakes has extended beyond Herat city, affecting more than a dozen villages.

While many buildings in Herat city remain relatively intact, the medieval minarets of its renowned mosques have sustained some damage, as seen in photographs shared on social media.

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Mir Ahmed, a resident of Herat, shared his devastating experience, “Many of our family members, including one of my sons, have been martyred, and my other son is also injured. Most of the people are still trapped under the rubble.”

Afghanistan’s Vulnerability to Earthquakes

Afghanistan, surrounded by mountains, has a history of experiencing strong earthquakes, particularly in the rugged Hindu Kush region bordering Pakistan.

However, due to decades of war, the country’s infrastructure remains in a state of disarray. This makes relief and rescue operations challenging, often resulting in a rise in death tolls as information trickles in from remote areas.

Challenges Faced by Afghanistan’s Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Afghanistan heavily relies on foreign aid, which has been drastically reduced in the two years since the Taliban took over. Additionally, the cessation of international assistance has dealt a severe blow to the Afghan economy.

Diplomats and aid officials have expressed concerns over the Taliban’s restrictions on women and other humanitarian crises worldwide. These concerns have led to a decrease in financial support from donors. The Taliban administration has ordered most Afghan female aid staff not to work, except for those in health and education sectors.

International Aid and Support

Pakistan’s disaster management authority has prepared a search and rescue team to assist in the affected area. They are also gathering relief items such as food, medications, tents, and blankets.

Iran, with its border located less than 90 kilometers (56 miles) from the worst-hit area, has also pledged to provide humanitarian aid, according to the Taliban administration.

As rescue efforts continue, the people of Herat and the international community stand united in their determination to save lives and support those affected by this tragic disaster.

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