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Houston-based HTX has recovered $8 million in stolen funds and is offering a 250 ETH reward to the hacker.

HTX Recovers Stolen Funds and Offers Bounty to Hacker

HTX Claws Back $8M in Stolen Funds

Huobi Global’s crypto exchange, HTX, has successfully retrieved the funds stolen by a hacker in late September. The hacker had drained one of HTX’s hot wallets, taking away 5,000 ETH, which was valued at approximately $8 million at that time.

HTX’s Swift Response

Following the hack, HTX promptly contacted the hacker and claimed to have identified their identity. The exchange took immediate action to resolve the issue and initiated a dialogue with the perpetrator.

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The Stolen Funds Return

After thorough negotiations and discussions, HTX reached an agreement with the hacker, resulting in the return of the stolen funds. This successful recovery demonstrates HTX’s commitment to safeguarding its users’ assets and maintaining the integrity of its platform.

A Generous Reward

HTX has gone a step further by issuing a 250 Ether (ETH) bounty to the hacker responsible for the breach. This proactive approach not only helps to discourage future hacking attempts but also highlights HTX’s dedication to rectifying any security breaches and protecting its users.

HTX’s Continued Growth

Despite the unfortunate incident, HTX remains a reliable and thriving crypto exchange. It continues to provide its users with a secure and efficient platform for their digital asset trading needs.

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With its prompt response and successful recovery of the stolen funds, HTX has demonstrated its commitment to the safety and security of its users. By offering a bounty to the hacker, the exchange has taken proactive measures to protect its platform and discourage future malicious activities. HTX’s resilience and dedication to its users make it a trusted and dependable crypto exchange in the market.

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