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Republican Jim Jordan gains backing for House speaker, boosting his bid for leadership role.

Hardline Republican Jim Jordan Gains Support in Bid for US House Speaker

Support for Jim Jordan’s Campaign

Hardline Republican Jim Jordan has garnered additional support in his campaign to become the leader of the US House of Representatives. Jordan aims to overcome opposition from within his own party by applying pressure through a series of public votes. Several fellow Republicans have expressed their support for Jordan’s bid for House Speaker, reducing the number of lawmakers who previously voted against endorsing him. However, it remains uncertain whether he will be able to unite his party enough to secure victory in the upcoming floor vote.

The Political Civil War

The ongoing political struggle among House Republicans, which began shortly after former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal on October 3, has already consumed two weeks of Congress’ time that could have been spent on funding federal agencies and assisting allies like Israel and Ukraine. This conflict is noteworthy for its Republican infighting, as opposed to the more typical partisan disputes seen in Congress.

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Prioritizing Unity and Legislation

In a letter to Republicans, Jordan acknowledged the existing differences within the party and pledged to prioritize military and spending legislation. He emphasized that the principles that unite Republicans are more significant than the disagreements that divide them.

The Road Ahead

Jordan is scheduled to address House Republicans behind closed doors on Monday, followed by a potential floor vote for speaker on Tuesday. Three Republican lawmakers, Ann Wagner, Mike Rogers, and Ken Calvert, have already announced their support for Jordan after discussing their concerns with him.

Obstacles and Strategies

The number of Republican lawmakers opposing Jordan’s bid is still uncertain. Some of his opponents accuse him of undermining the candidacy of No. 2 House Republican Steve Scalise, who initially received endorsement but later withdrew due to insufficient support. Additionally, Jordan’s opponents are unwilling to reward the eight Republicans who orchestrated McCarthy’s ouster.

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The Speaker’s Election

Jordan can only afford to lose four Republican votes on the floor and still secure the 217 votes necessary to become speaker if all Democrats oppose him. With a slim House Republican majority of 221-212, he cannot lose more than four party votes. Jordan’s supporters are mobilizing voters against those who are hesitant to support him.

Potential Alternatives

If Jordan’s bid falters, Republicans have identified several potential candidates for speaker, including Tom Emmer, Kevin Hern, Byron Donalds, and acting Speaker Patrick McHenry.

Internal Dynamics and Future Scenarios

Some of Jordan’s opponents predict that if he fails to secure the speakership, other Republican candidates may join the race. The past three Republican speakers, including McCarthy, have faced pressure from their right flanks.


As the vote for House Speaker approaches, the outcome remains uncertain. Jordan’s campaign has gained momentum, but it is unclear if he can gather enough support to prevail. The political rift within the Republican party has hindered Congress’ ability to address crucial issues and threatens to further delay important legislation.

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