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US provides legal status, benefits to migrant families separated during Trump administration, Reuters reports.

US to Grant Legal Status and Benefits to Migrant Families Separated under Trump

Settlement Agreement Offers Temporary Legal Status and Benefits to Migrant Families

The US government has reached a settlement agreement that will provide temporary legal status and other benefits to migrant families who were separated at the US-Mexico border during the presidency of Donald Trump. The agreement, filed on Monday, will also prevent similar separations from occurring in the future.

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Thousands of Children to Be Covered by the Settlement

The settlement, which is part of President Joe Biden’s effort to reunite families, will initially apply to approximately 3,900 children who were separated from their parents between 2017 and 2021. However, this number is expected to increase as more cases are identified. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which represents the families in the lawsuit, estimates that 500-1,000 children remain separated.

Biden Administration’s Commitment to Reuniting Families

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The settlement allows families who experienced separation under Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy to apply for temporary legal status for three years, as well as a work permit. They will also have the option to make an asylum claim with US Citizenship and Immigration Services. In addition, the settlement prohibits the government from implementing any policy that could lead to widespread separations for the next eight years, with exceptions for national security, criminal warrants, medical emergencies, or cases where a child’s safety is at risk.

Support for Reunited Families

As part of the settlement, separated families will have access to temporary housing support for one year, as well as behavioral health services and some medical assistance. This is crucial, as many reunited families have faced housing insecurity, according to a report by Reuters in 2022.

Positive Reception to the Settlement

The settlement agreement has been praised by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who commended the Biden administration’s commitment to reuniting families and working with advocacy organizations to address the past cruelty. ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt called the settlement “a critical step forward to help the thousands of families.”


The settlement agreement represents a significant milestone in the effort to reunite migrant families separated under the Trump administration’s policies. It offers temporary legal status and benefits to thousands of families, while also preventing similar separations from happening in the future. The Biden administration’s commitment to this cause is evident in its efforts to provide support and assistance to reunited families. This settlement brings hope for a better future for these families as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives together.

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