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Putin lauds close bond with Xi, highlights Russia’s Arctic shipping route for trade and commerce.

Putin Praises China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Invites Global Investment in Northern Sea Route

Vladimir Putin commends Xi Jinping for the Belt and Road Initiative

President Vladimir Putin lauded Chinese President Xi Jinping for his efforts in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and extended an invitation for global investment in the Northern Sea Route. Putin believes that this route has the potential to foster trade between the east and the west. During his visit to China, Putin expressed gratitude for Xi’s invitation and emphasized Russia’s role in China’s modern-day revival of the ancient Silk Road. The Russian President referred to Xi as his “dear friend” and applauded the Belt and Road Initiative for its ability to bring nations together.

European delegates walk out as Putin speaks

Shortly before Putin began his address, a small group of European delegates, including former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, walked out of the room. Despite this, Putin remained undeterred and continued with his speech.

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Russia and China strive for mutual cooperation

In his speech, Putin highlighted the shared desire between Russia, China, and most countries around the world for equal and mutually beneficial cooperation. He emphasized the importance of achieving sustainable economic progress and social well-being while respecting the diversity of civilization and each country’s right to determine its own development model. Putin believes that the BRI aligns perfectly with Russia’s ongoing development of transportation infrastructure, particularly the Northern Sea Route that spans from Murmansk to the Bering Strait.

Russia extends an invitation to participate in the Northern Sea Route’s development

Putin extended an invitation to interested nations to participate directly in the development of the Northern Sea Route. He assured partners of Russia’s commitment to providing reliable icebreaker navigation, communication, and supply services. Furthermore, Putin announced that beginning next year, navigation for ice-class cargo ships along the entire Northern Sea Route will be possible year-round.

Senior Russian delegation accompanies Putin

Accompanying Putin on his visit to China was a senior delegation from Moscow. The delegation included notable figures such as Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is scheduled to visit North Korea in the near future, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, among others.

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