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Gold prices surge to almost one-month peak amid escalating Middle East tensions, boosting safe-haven appeal.

Gold Prices Rise on Escalation in Middle East Tensions

Gold Prices Surge Amid Rising Middle East Tensions

Gold prices rallied to a near one-month high as tensions in the Middle East worsened. The potential escalation in the Israel-Hamas war increased safe haven demand, pushing up the price of gold. Copper prices also rose, tracking positive economic indicators from China.

Escalation in Israel-Hamas Conflict Raises Concerns

The bombing of a Gaza hospital, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, marked a potential escalation in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The cancellation of a summit with U.S. President Joe Biden further fueled concerns that the war could draw in other Arab countries, leading to broader conflict in the Middle East.

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Investor Demand for Safe Havens Increases

Investors sought safe haven assets in response to the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Gold saw strong inflows, with prices rising by 0.8% to $1,937.80 an ounce, nearing a one-month high. Copper prices also surged by 0.8% to $1,950.65 an ounce.

Rising Interest Rates and Inflationary Concerns

While demand for safe havens increased, fears of higher U.S. interest rates cooled the demand for gold in recent sessions. The release of data indicating sticky inflation raised concerns of a more hawkish stance from the Federal Reserve. Focus is now on a string of U.S. economic indicators and an address by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Thursday.

Gold Prices and the Impact of Rising Interest Rates

Rising interest rates negatively affect gold prices as they increase the opportunity cost of investing in the yellow metal. This trend has limited major gains in gold prices over the past year, despite the increase in safe haven demand.

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Copper Surges on China’s Economic Growth

Copper prices rose sharply following better-than-expected economic growth in China. China’s third-quarter GDP grew by 4.9%, signaling that recent stimulus measures were effective. Although still below pre-COVID levels, the positive economic indicators raised hopes for improved economic conditions and increased demand for copper.

Focus on People’s Bank of China Announcement

All eyes are now on the People’s Bank of China’s announcement on Friday. While the bank is expected to maintain rates, the market will closely monitor any updates that could impact economic conditions and commodity prices.

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