HomeWorldPowerful earthquake strikes western Afghanistan causing massive destruction, says government official.

Powerful earthquake strikes western Afghanistan causing massive destruction, says government official.

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Afghanistan’s Herat Province

Increased Relief Efforts Following Deadly Quakes

Authorities in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat have redeployed relief and rescue teams in response to a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck on Wednesday. This comes after a series of deadly quakes occurred on Saturday. The latest earthquake’s impact on casualties remains unclear at this time, according to disaster management spokesman Janan Sayeeq.

Devastating Consequences of Previous Quakes

The Taliban-run government reported that the tremors from the Saturday quakes resulted in the deaths of at least 2,400 individuals, making it one of the deadliest earthquake events worldwide this year. The office of Herat’s governor stated that districts adjacent to the areas already flattened by the previous quakes have experienced significant losses from the latest earthquake.

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Injuries and Medical Response

The multiple earthquakes that occurred northwest of the city of Herat a few days ago caused over 2,000 injuries and the destruction of thousands of homes. The governor’s office confirmed that mobile medical teams and officials have been diligently working together to transfer injured individuals to hospitals for treatment.

Afghanistan’s History of Earthquakes

Located in a mountainous region, Afghanistan has a long history of enduring powerful earthquakes, particularly in the rugged Hindu Kush region along the Pakistan border. Unfortunately, the country’s infrastructure, already weakened by decades of war, has made relief and rescue efforts challenging.

Challenges Faced by Afghanistan

The lack of foreign aid, which was once a crucial component of the economy but has diminished since the Taliban takeover, has further hindered relief and rescue operations. Additionally, Afghanistan’s healthcare system, heavily reliant on foreign aid, has encountered significant cuts, exacerbating the difficulties faced by the nation.

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