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Markets unfazed by tense global politics, displaying resilience as they navigate risk.

Column: Markets Remain Unfazed by Middle East Conflict

Investors Stay Calm Amidst Middle East Tensions

The reaction of global markets to the recent Middle East conflict has been surprisingly subdued. This indicates a sense of preparedness for turbulent times rather than indifference. Despite the deadly attacks by Hamas on Israel and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war, investors have quickly shifted their focus elsewhere.

Limited Impact on Global Markets

While Israeli assets and the shekel are under pressure and oil and gold prices have marginally increased, the global repricing has been minimal. Most asset managers believe that the conflict will remain localized to Gaza and the West Bank, resulting in limited impact on energy prices.

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Unpredictable Escalations

Although the conflict’s impact on markets is expected to be limited, there are several less likely but possible scenarios that could involve major global actors or energy-sensitive players. These risks, such as China invading Taiwan or Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, cannot be fully priced in.

Investors Seek Opportunities Amidst Risks

Markets tend to view risks either as manageable or calamitous, leading to minimal price disturbance or complete disregard. Instead of dwelling on geopolitical risks, investors are searching for opportunities and potential beneficiaries in commodities or unexpected alliances.

Geopolitical and Macro Risks

Geoeconomic fragmentation and rising geopolitical risks can contribute to more volatile commodity prices. The International Monetary Fund highlights concerns regarding high debt levels, increased debt servicing costs, and a stronger dollar. This combination could trigger a sharp repricing of risk, particularly in emerging markets.

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Nowhere to Hide

Traditional safe havens, such as sovereign bonds and gold, may not provide adequate protection in the face of escalating geopolitical risks. With the U.S. Treasury debt losing some of its appeal, there seems to be nowhere left to hide from market stress.

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