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Marathon Digital Holdings collaborates with Fidelity for Custodial Services, boosting digital assets support.

Marathon Digital Holdings Enters Custodial Services Agreement with Fidelity

Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) Announces Partnership with Fidelity

Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) has recently revealed a significant development in the form of a Custodial Services Agreement with Fidelity Digital Asset Services LLC (Fidelity). This agreement marks an important milestone for Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc., as it solidifies its partnership with one of the industry’s leading custodial service providers.

A Step Towards Enhanced Security and Asset Management

As part of this strategic agreement, Marathon Digital Holdings will establish custodial asset accounts with Fidelity. These accounts will serve as a secure repository for a portion of the company’s digital assets. The partnership will enable Marathon Digital Holdings to benefit from Fidelity’s expertise and advanced security measures, ensuring the safekeeping of their valuable assets.

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Effortless Asset Transfer and Trading Policies

The Custodial Services Agreement outlines various administrative aspects, including the seamless transfer of assets into and out of the custodial accounts. Additionally, it provides details on trading policies, such as order execution. Marathon Digital Holdings can leverage Fidelity’s efficient trading infrastructure to execute trades effectively and capitalize on market opportunities.

A Flexible and Collaborative Partnership

The Agreement allows for termination by either party upon 30 days’ prior written notice. In certain specified events, termination can occur without notice. This flexibility ensures that both Marathon Digital Holdings and Fidelity can adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

The Custodial Services Agreement specifies the fees associated with the services provided by Fidelity. This transparency allows Marathon Digital Holdings to assess the cost-effectiveness of the partnership and make informed decisions regarding their digital asset management.

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Embracing Future Opportunities

Marathon Digital Holdings’ collaboration with Fidelity sets the stage for further growth and innovation. By harnessing Fidelity’s expertise in custodial services, Marathon Digital Holdings can focus on their core competencies while confidently managing their digital assets. This partnership exemplifies Marathon Digital Holdings’ commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital asset industry.

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