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Latin American Solar Energy Company Enters the Crypto World

Latin American Solar Energy Company Enters the Crypto World

The Partnership with Brillacom Light DeFi

The Brazilian solar energy company, Solatio, has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding its venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. Through a strategic partnership with Brillacom Light DeFi, Solatio is set to construct the first solar plant for Brillacom Light DeFi within the next six months.

Rewards for Token Holders

As stated in the official announcement, the initial kilowatt-hours generated by the first photovoltaic plant will be converted into rewards for holders of the Light DeFi token. These rewards will be distributed based on the proportion of tokens held in their wallets. While the token transaction fees will be utilized at various stages of the project, the focus remains on rewarding token holders with the generated value.

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A Sustainable Approach to Bitcoin Mining

In a related development, an analyst from Bloomberg has reported that more than 50% of the energy used for Bitcoin mining now comes from sustainable sources. This shift towards sustainable energy is an encouraging sign for the cryptocurrency industry.

A Vision for Scalable Growth

The vision for this project goes beyond the construction of a single solar plant. Solatio intends to foster scalable growth, with each module built serving as a catalyst for the development of new facilities. The transaction fees associated with the Light DeFi token will be instrumental in accelerating the progress of plant construction and other partnership-related activities.


Solatio’s entry into the crypto world marks an exciting milestone for the Latin American solar energy sector. By embracing cryptocurrencies and leveraging the potential of blockchain technology, Solatio and its partner Brillacom Light DeFi are pioneering a new era of sustainable energy solutions. With their innovative approach, they are not only contributing to the growth of the crypto market but also promoting a greener future.

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