HomeWorldBiden criticizes Israel's Gaza actions, calls for ceasefire to halt fighting.

Biden criticizes Israel’s Gaza actions, calls for ceasefire to halt fighting.

President Biden Criticizes Israel’s Response in Gaza

Biden Condemns Israel’s Military Response in Gaza

U.S. President Joe Biden stated that Israel’s military response in Gaza was “over the top” and expressed his desire for a sustained pause in fighting. This comes as diplomats work to salvage ceasefire talks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a proposal from Hamas.

Domestic Pressure Mounts on Israel

Biden’s remarks mark some of his strongest public criticism of Netanyahu’s government yet, reflecting increasing pressure within the U.S. to urge Israel to halt its attacks.

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Biden’s Push for Diplomatic Solutions

Biden also revealed that he has been advocating for a deal to normalize Saudi Arabia-Israel relations, as well as increased humanitarian aid for Palestinian civilians. He emphasized the urgent need for a temporary pause in fighting to facilitate the release of hostages held by Hamas.

Efforts for Ceasefire Talks Continue

Despite Netanyahu’s rejection of Hamas’s ceasefire terms, a Hamas delegation headed by senior official Khalil Al-Hayya arrived in Cairo for talks with mediators from Egypt and Qatar, indicating ongoing diplomatic efforts.

Humanitarian Concerns and Fear of Ground Assault

Gazans are anxiously hoping for a ceasefire to prevent an Israeli assault on Rafah, a city near Gaza’s southern border. The potential humanitarian catastrophe in the region has raised alarm among aid agencies and the international community.

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Impact on Civilians and Humanitarian Crisis

The conflict has already taken a heavy toll on civilians, with residents of Rafah expressing their desperation and fear amid the ongoing violence and uncertainty. Both sides have reported casualties and significant civilian suffering.

Ongoing Conflict and Humanitarian Toll

The conflict, which began four months ago, has resulted in a significant number of casualties and injuries on both sides. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to worsen as the violence persists.

Israel began its military offensive after Hamas militants from Gaza killed 1,200 people and took 253 hostages in southern Israel on Oct. 7, according to Israeli tallies.

Gaza’s health ministry says at least 27,840 Palestinians have been confirmed killed, and more than 67,000 injured since the conflict began.

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