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Trump’s victory in Nevada brings him closer to securing the Republican nomination, with the Virgin Islands up next.

Trump’s Victory in Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Trump’s Nominating Wins

Donald Trump secured victories in the Republican presidential nominating caucuses in Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands, bringing him closer to clinching his party’s nomination for the upcoming general election in November.

Nevada and Virgin Islands Results

In Nevada, Trump emerged as the clear winner, securing all 26 delegates to the party’s nominating convention in July. He also easily won the U.S. Virgin Islands caucuses, adding four more delegates to his tally.

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Challenges for Haley

His last remaining rival, Nikki Haley, faced a humiliating defeat in the Nevada primary election, despite being the only major candidate on the ballot. Trump’s strong support led to a decisive victory, leaving Haley with a steep hill to climb in the remaining nominating contests.

Legal Battles and Supreme Court

While Trump celebrated his wins, he also faced legal challenges, including a case brought before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding his removal from Colorado’s ballot. The justices expressed concerns about the potential precedent set by Colorado’s actions, leading to a contentious legal battle.

Trump’s Reaction

Trump denounced the Colorado case as “election interference by the Democrats” and expressed his satisfaction with the Supreme Court arguments. He thanked the people of Nevada for their support and reaffirmed his commitment to securing the Republican nomination.

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Haley’s Determination

Despite facing overwhelming odds, Nikki Haley remains resolute in her bid for the nomination, vowing to continue her campaign and make a potential last stand in her home state of South Carolina. However, her path to victory appears increasingly challenging as she trails Trump significantly in opinion polls.

Republican Ballot Conflict

The conflicting Republican ballots in Nevada underscore the internal strife within the party, with the state Republican Party’s decision to stick with a caucus favoring Trump’s superior ground game. The state has emerged as a hotly contested battleground, given its potential influence in the upcoming presidential election.

Key Battleground State

Nevada’s diverse population and significant number of nonpartisan voters make it a critical battleground state for both parties. The state’s swing potential and demographic composition highlight its importance in the broader electoral landscape.

About 30% of Nevada’s population is self-described as Latino or Hispanic on the U.S. Census, and Republicans are making some inroads with these voters nationwide.

Nevada also has many potential swing voters: There are 768,000 registered as “nonpartisan,” more than those registered as either Democrat or Republican, according to the latest state figures.

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