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American banks and tech companies unite to aid victims in Israel, showing unwavering support.

US Corporations Show Support for Israel Amid Conflict, Launch Fundraising Efforts

US Corporations Address Israel-Hamas Conflict

As big U.S. corporations kicked off corporate earnings season this week, executives addressed the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and some companies launched fundraising efforts. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon expressed deep sadness over the recent attacks on Israel, emphasizing that terrorism and hatred have no place in our civilized world.

Fundraising Efforts Mobilized Swiftly

Fundraising efforts to relieve the crisis have been mobilized swiftly. Billionaires and members of the U.S. and Canadian Jewish community have contributed millions of dollars, military gear and clothing, and food and household supplies. Companies such as UBS, Jefferies, Goldman Sachs, and Delta Air Lines have also pledged substantial donations to aid organizations.

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Support from Tech Companies

Leaders at large tech companies have also issued strong statements in support of Israel. Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Antonio Neri called the attacks by Hamas on Israeli civilians unjustified and inexcusable, while Amazon CEO Andy Jassy described them as shocking and painful to watch. Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft have also voiced their condemnation of the violence and expressed solidarity with Israel.

Corporate Commitment to Support

Corporate leaders have emphasized their commitment to support Israel during this challenging time. Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser acknowledged the impact of the conflict on their employees in Israel and expressed admiration for their dedication. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink also addressed the situation, highlighting the devastating toll on innocent civilians.

Remaining Companies Yet to Comment

While several prominent companies have shown their support, others such as Apple and Walmart have yet to issue statements. It is important for companies to take a stance and contribute to humanitarian efforts in times of crisis.

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Overall, the corporate sector’s response to the Israel-Hamas conflict has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting Israel and alleviating the crisis. Through fundraising efforts and donations, these companies are making a positive impact and standing in solidarity with those affected by the conflict.

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