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Borrell stresses EU’s serious approach towards China, calls for reciprocal attention.

The EU’s Message to China: Taking the Relationship Seriously

Building Cooperation and Recognition

The European Union’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, recently visited Beijing to convey a crucial message: the EU takes China seriously and expects the same in return. Borrell emphasized the importance of cooperation and urged China to recognize the EU’s agency in geopolitical affairs and trade. He stressed that the EU’s position should be considered based on their own merit, rather than through the lens of their relationships with other countries.

The EU’s Geopolitical Power

Borrell highlighted the EU’s emergence as a geopolitical power since the war in Ukraine. He emphasized that the EU wants to engage with China on geopolitical issues from this perspective. During his visit, Borrell discussed the crisis in Israel and Gaza with Chinese officials, reinforcing the need for dialogue and cooperation on pressing global matters.

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Trade Tensions and Investigations

The EU-China trade relationship has been marred by tensions, particularly regarding the EU’s record trade deficit with China. Last week, the EU launched an investigation into Chinese electric vehicle imports, citing concerns about state subsidies. Borrell clarified that this investigation was merely an exploratory step and not indicative of any predetermined actions.

EU-China Summit and Border Adjustment Mechanism

The EU and China are planning a summit by the end of the year, paving the way for further discussions and cooperation. However, there are still contentious issues to address. Beijing has objected to the EU’s proposed “carbon border adjustment mechanism,” which would impose tariffs on goods with a high carbon price. This mechanism aims to promote sustainability but has faced resistance from China.

A Human Touch for Stronger Relations

Borrell’s visit to Beijing reflects the EU’s commitment to strengthening its relationship with China. By engaging in open and candid discussions, both parties seek to deepen cooperation and understanding. It is essential to recognize each other’s perspectives and work towards common goals. The EU’s message to China is clear: let’s take this relationship seriously and build a foundation of trust and cooperation for the future.

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