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Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, suspends VP amid corruption inquiry, according to Reuters.

Chinese EV Maker Xpeng Suspends Vice President Amid Corruption Investigation

Xpeng’s Vice President Suspended for Corruption Investigation

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, Xpeng, announced on Tuesday that its vice president, Li Feng, has been suspended pending an investigation into corruption allegations. This comes after media reports revealed that Li previously held the position of head of procurement at Xpeng.

Minimal Impact on Business Operations

A statement released by Xpeng assured stakeholders that the incident has had a limited impact, stating that it only affected a small area and did not disrupt business or production processes. The company has been proactive in strengthening its supply chain management this year, resulting in investigations into some supply chain staff.

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Xpeng’s Commitment to Transparency

Despite this setback, Xpeng remains committed to maintaining transparency and integrity within its organization. The company has taken steps to address the issue swiftly and will continue to prioritize ethical practices moving forward.

Enhancing Supply Chain Management

The investigation into Xpeng’s supply chain staff is part of the company’s broader efforts to enhance its supply chain management. By strengthening these processes, Xpeng aims to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality electric vehicles to its customers.

In conclusion, Xpeng’s suspension of Vice President Li Feng due to a corruption investigation reflects the company’s commitment to upholding ethical standards and transparency. Despite the incident’s limited impact, Xpeng remains focused on improving its supply chain management and delivering top-notch electric vehicles to its valued customers.

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