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Unicredit and Alpha Bank Romania merge, creating Romania’s third largest bank, boosting growth.

UniCredit and Alpha Bank Romania to Merge, Creating Third Largest Bank in Romania

Strategic Partnership and Merger

UniCredit S.p.A and Alpha Services and Holdings S.A. have announced a strategic partnership to merge their Romanian subsidiaries, UniCredit Romania and Alpha Bank Romania. This merger, set to be completed by 2024, will result in the formation of the third largest bank in Romania, holding a combined 12% market share in both the corporate and retail segments.

Alpha Bank’s Stake and UniCredit’s Financial Position

As part of the agreement, Alpha Bank will maintain a 9.9% stake in the merged entity and receive a cash consideration of €300 million ($344 million). This move is expected to have a minimal impact on UniCredit’s CET1 ratio, altering it by approximately 15 basis points. UniCredit’s management has been actively buying back shares, indicating a strong financial position. With a market cap of 41484.85M USD and a P/E Ratio of 5.07, UniCredit demonstrates stability and resilience.

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Offer to Purchase Shares from Hellenic Financial Stability Fund

In addition to the merger, UniCredit has submitted an offer to acquire all shares held by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) in Alpha Bank, representing a 9% stake. If this offer is not accepted, UniCredit plans to buy up to a 5% equity stake from the open market. This aligns with the HFSF’s divestment strategy. Furthermore, Alpha Services and Holdings trading at a low earnings multiple with a P/E Ratio of 6.45 makes it an attractive opportunity for UniCredit.

Expansion into Greece and Joint Venture

This strategic partnership extends beyond Romania and reaches into Greece. UniCredit will acquire a 51% stake in AlphaLife Insurance Company, leading to a joint venture focusing on pension-saving products. This acquisition allows UniCredit to distribute its bancassurance and asset management products to Alpha Bank’s 3.5 million clients. It’s worth noting that Alpha Bank has maintained profitability over the last twelve months.

Enhancing Presence and Projected Profitability

The primary objective of this partnership is to strengthen UniCredit’s presence in Romania and Greece, leveraging trade and tourism connections. Additionally, it supports Alpha Bank’s business plan targets. The merger is anticipated to generate over €100 million ($115 million) in incremental net profit for UniCredit, without altering Alpha Bank’s net profit expectations. InvestingPro data reveals that UniCredit’s revenue growth has been accelerating, with a notable revenue growth of 48.23%.

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Future Outlook

CEOs Andrea Orcel of UniCredit and Vassilios Psaltis of Alpha Services and Holdings will host a call to discuss the details of this partnership. To gain further insights, consider subscribing to InvestingPro, a platform offering numerous additional tips and real-time metrics to guide your investment decisions.

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