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UN experts suggest that Israeli killings in West Bank hospital could be war crimes.

Israeli Commando Killings in West Bank Hospital May Be War Crimes, Says UN

UN Experts Condemn Undercover Operation

Last month, three Palestinian men were killed in a hospital in the occupied West Bank by Israeli commandos disguised as medical workers and Muslim women. In response, a group of U.N. experts has stated that these killings may amount to war crimes.

Joint Undercover Operation

The killing occurred on Jan. 29 at the Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin, one of the most volatile cities in the West Bank. The Israeli army, Shin Bet security service, and border police carried out a joint undercover operation, resulting in the deaths of three militants.

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War Crime Allegations

The U.N. experts have condemned the killings as potential war crimes under international humanitarian law. They argue that killing a defenseless injured patient being treated in a hospital amounts to a war crime. They also accuse the Israeli forces of committing the war crime of perfidy by disguising themselves as medical personnel and civilians.

Call for Investigation

The U.N. experts have called for Israel to conduct an investigation into the incident. They have emphasized the seriousness of the allegations and urged a thorough examination of the events that led to the deaths of the three militants.

Israel’s Response

Israel’s military has not yet provided a comment on the statement made by the U.N. experts. However, the military has previously stated that one of the men killed in the hospital was a member of the militant Palestinian group Hamas.

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Surveillance Footage

CCTV footage from the hospital captured the undercover operation, showing a group of individuals, some disguised as medical personnel and others in civilian clothing, armed with assault rifles.

Context of Violence

These events occurred amidst heightened violence in the West Bank following an attack on Israel by Hamas and the subsequent invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military.

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