HomeWorldUkraine's Zelenskiy praises Ukraine-Romania relations during first visit following Russian invasion.

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy praises Ukraine-Romania relations during first visit following Russian invasion.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy Highlights Strong Ukraine-Romania Ties

Enhancing Stability and Security in Europe

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy embarked on his first visit to Romania since the Russian invasion, emphasizing the significance of the bilateral relationship in promoting stability and security in Europe. Zelenskiy’s meeting with President Klaus Iohannis, both leaders representing NATO member states, focused on key areas such as security in the Black Sea region and the development of an aviation coalition.

Ukraine’s Dependence on Romanian Port

Since Russia’s withdrawal from a previously agreed deal in mid-July, Ukraine has relied on the Romanian port of Constanța as its primary export route for grain through Ukrainian ports on the Danube River. This shift in trade routes has been crucial for Ukraine’s grain shipments, ensuring safe and secure deliveries.

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A Friendship Fortified

Zelenskiy expressed his gratitude for Romania’s unwavering support during Ukraine’s darkest days, emphasizing the strengthening bond between the two nations. The Ukrainian President, dressed in military khaki, conveyed his optimism regarding the benefits this visit would bring to both countries.

Defense Cooperation and Black Sea Security

With defense cooperation as a key focus, Zelenskiy discussed various aspects of security, including bolstering Ukraine’s air defense, enhancing the Black Sea security architecture, and strengthening relations with partners. Additionally, Romania is considering establishing a regional training hub for F-16 fighter jet pilots, which would be accessible to NATO allies and partners, including Ukraine.

Protecting Romania’s Borders

Romania, sharing a 650-km (400 mile) border with Ukraine, has taken measures to safeguard its territory amidst the ongoing conflict. The country is not only hosting a U.S. ballistic missile defense system but also houses a permanent alliance battlegroup. In response to the Russian attacks on Ukrainian port and grain infrastructure, Romania has intensified its air defenses along Danube villages, deploying additional observation posts and patrols.

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Seamless Collaboration and Economic Growth

Zelenskiy highlighted the importance of seamless collaboration between Ukraine and Romania, with a particular focus on developing infrastructure, creating job opportunities, and fostering economic growth in both nations. The leaders discussed the potential for an aviation coalition and explored avenues for further economic cooperation.

Enhancing Uniqueness and Richness

As Ukraine and Romania continue to strengthen their ties, their partnership serves as a beacon of stability for Europe and beyond. The visit of President Zelenskiy to Romania signifies the shared commitment to security, cooperation, and mutual progress.

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