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Ukraine unveils plan to regulate artificial intelligence, focusing on clear guidelines and transparency.

Ukraine Unveils Regulatory Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine recently presented its regulatory roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) on October 7th. This roadmap, published on the ministry’s website, aims to assist local businesses in preparing for the adoption of a law similar to the European Union’s AI legislation. Additionally, it seeks to educate citizens on safeguarding themselves against the risks associated with AI.

Progressive Approach to Regulation

According to the roadmap announcement, it takes an incremental approach, starting small and gradually ramping up. It provides businesses with tools to prepare for future requirements before implementing any laws.

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The roadmap sets a preliminary period of two to three years to allow companies to adapt to potential regulations. Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Oleksandr Borniakov, states, “Our goal is to create a favorable environment for the development and implementation of AI technologies in Ukraine.”

This initiative demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to creating a regulatory framework that balances innovation and protection. By outlining a clear roadmap, the government aims to provide businesses with the necessary guidance to navigate the evolving AI landscape.

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