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Ukraine leverages US long-range missiles to target Moscow-controlled areas, as reported by Reuters.

Ukraine Strikes Moscow-Occupied Territories with US Missiles

Ukraine Successfully Uses US-Supplied Missiles to Strike Russian-Occupied Areas

Ukrainian forces have achieved a major breakthrough in their ongoing conflict with Russia. For the first time, they have utilized long-range ATACMS missiles, supplied by the United States, to inflict heavy damage on two airfields situated in Russian-occupied territories. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, hailed the effectiveness of these weapons, stating that they have “proven themselves” in combat.

High-Precision Strikes on Russian-Controlled Airfields

The Ukrainian military has reported a series of successful, high-precision strikes on airfields near Luhansk in the east and Berdiansk in the south, both under Russian control. Zelenskiy expressed his gratitude to the United States for their support, emphasizing that these strikes were part of the agreements made with President Biden. He highlighted the accuracy and effectiveness of the ATACMS missiles in altering the course of the conflict.

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Ukraine’s Request for ATACMS Missiles

Ukraine had repeatedly appealed to the U.S. administration for ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile Systems), promising not to use them within Russian territory. The deployment of these powerful weapons has allowed Ukrainian forces to target previously unreachable supply lines, air bases, and rail networks utilized by Russia in occupied territories. This strategic advantage has significantly disrupted Russian operations in the region.

Russian Forces Suffer Heavy Losses

Ukrainian Special Forces, without initially disclosing the use of ATACMS, reported the destruction of nine helicopters, an air defense missile launcher, runways, and other equipment. Russian forces have faced heavy losses as a result of these strikes. While there has been no official comment from Russia, cluster munitions from the ATACMS missiles were discovered in the area.

A New Chapter in the Conflict

Ukraine’s presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, declared that a new chapter in the war had begun. He stated that there are no longer any safe places for Russian troops within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine. Russian military bloggers have acknowledged the impact of the attacks, with reports of personnel and equipment losses. The delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine was reportedly conducted secretly by the United States.

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Challenges and Progress for Ukraine

Since initiating a counteroffensive in June, Ukraine has continually targeted military sites in Russian-occupied areas. However, liberating significant territory from Russian control has proven difficult. Ukrainian forces have successfully repelled multiple attacks and achieved partial success in capturing strategic locations. The Ukrainian military remains vigilant as Russia intensifies its assault on the town of Avdiivka and aims to advance further into northeastern Ukraine.

Towards Victory

Ukraine’s utilization of ATACMS missiles marks a significant turning point in their struggle against Russian aggression. With these advanced weapons, Ukrainian forces have demonstrated their ability to hit targets with impeccable precision, leaving the enemy with no chance to retaliate. The ongoing support from Western partners and the successful deployment of ATACMS missiles have bolstered Ukraine’s position, bringing them closer to victory.

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