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Top UN official predicts that a second Gaza aid convoy could bring ongoing relief to the region.

The United Nations Aims to Increase Aid Deliveries to Gaza

Second Convoy of Aid Trucks Planned for Gaza

The United Nations is working towards sending a second convoy of trucks into Gaza, aiming to provide sustained relief to the besieged enclave. Martin Griffiths, the U.N. aid chief, stated that this convoy would be subject to a light inspection system, allowing for continued deliveries in the coming week. The first convoy, consisting of 20 trucks, arrived in Gaza on Saturday but faced delays due to Israeli demands for aid verification.

Efforts to Meet Essential Needs

President Joe Biden announced the initial 20-truck convoy following his visit to Israel, but this delivery did not undergo the inspection required for continuous aid deliveries. Griffiths mentioned that negotiations were underway for a potential convoy of 20 to 30 trucks on the following day. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistent flow of aid, stating that 100 trucks are needed daily to meet essential needs in Gaza.

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The Challenge of Aid Verification

Rafah, the main route in and out of Gaza not controlled by Israel, facilitated the entry of the first convoy. However, Israel has stated that no aid will be allowed from its territory until Hamas releases the hostages taken during their attack. Griffiths stressed the need for an agreed-upon verification regime with the Israelis to ensure a smooth inspection process. He referred to a possible light inspection system, similar to the one used in Gaziantep for aid delivery from Turkey to Syria.

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis

The dire humanitarian crisis facing Gaza’s 2.3 million residents requires urgent attention. Griffiths highlighted the critical state of the health system, the scarcity of water, and the desperate situation faced by the population. He expressed optimism about financial support expressed during the Cairo conference and hoped for an aid operation that the people of Gaza can rely on by the middle of the following week.

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