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Thousands attend pro-Palestinian rallies in Australia, showing support for Gaza amid escalating tensions.

Pro-Palestinian Rallies Draw Thousands in Australian State Capitals

Sydney Sees Large Turnout Despite Police Threats

Thousands of people gathered in Australian state capitals on Sunday to attend pro-Palestinian rallies, defying police warnings and tensions following the recent violence between Hamas and Israel. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, witnessed one of the largest demonstrations, organized by the Palestine Action Group. While the group claimed around 5,000 attendees, a Reuters witness estimated the crowd to be around 2,000.

Peaceful Protests Amid Strong Police Presence

Protesters in Sydney’s Hyde Park waved Palestine flags and chanted “Free, free Palestine” as hundreds of police officers patrolled the area. A police helicopter circled overhead, ensuring public safety. Authorities had considered implementing special stop-and-search powers, but the Palestine Action Group confirmed that such measures were not deployed. The rally remained peaceful, according to spokesperson Amal Naser.

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Solidarity Demonstrations Across Multiple Cities

Aside from Sydney, pro-Palestine rallies were also held in Adelaide and Melbourne, drawing thousands of participants. The Guardian Australia reported on the significant turnout in these state capitals.

A Show of Support for Palestine

Ayah, a Palestinian living in Sydney, attended the rally to peacefully express her support for her country, emphasizing that it had nothing to do with burning flags. Mustafa, another protester, highlighted that the demonstration was not against Jewish people but aimed at opposing the actions of the Zionists. He emphasized the long history of coexistence between Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Palestine.

Marching Through Central Sydney Planned for Next Weekend

Organizers revealed their intention to march through central Sydney in the coming weekend, sustaining the momentum of their cause and further amplifying their message of solidarity with Palestine.

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International Concerns Over Protests

As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, several developed nations are taking measures to control pro-Palestinian demonstrations due to concerns about potential domestic disturbances. France, for instance, recently banned such protests, citing the risk of public order disruptions.

Caution Urged Amid Rising Tensions

In Sydney, three men were arrested outside the Jewish Museum of Australia on Friday for making Nazi salutes. Australia’s intelligence chief has called for restraint in rhetoric to avoid further inflaming tensions.

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