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The Rise and Fall of Cryptocurrency in Hong Kong: Bitmain Strikes Back in Asia

Bitmain’s Alleged Layoffs Amid Salary Payment Issues


Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining equipment, has reportedly terminated the employment of three workers who spoke to the media about the company’s failure to pay their salaries on time.

Bitmain’s Alleged Layoff Notice

BlockBeats, a media outlet, published what is claimed to be a layoff notice issued by Bitmain. The notice allegedly states that the three employees were fired for disclosing internal information to the media. The authenticity of the notice has not been confirmed.

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Employee Salary Payment Issues

According to reports, Bitmain has been experiencing difficulties in paying its employees’ salaries on time. Several employees have voiced their concerns about this matter, leading to the company’s alleged decision to terminate those who spoke to the media.

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An advertisement for JPEX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong, was posted on Facebook prior to a police raid on the exchange. The connection between Bitmain’s layoffs and the JPEX advertisement remains unclear.

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Bitmain’s alleged layoffs and salary payment issues have raised concerns about the company’s financial stability. The impact of these developments on the cryptocurrency industry in East Asia remains to be seen. Stay tuned for further updates.

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