Home World The profound influence of Joe Biden’s enduring connection with Israel on his approach to war.

The profound influence of Joe Biden’s enduring connection with Israel on his approach to war.


Joe Biden’s Support for Israel in the Midst of a Crisis

The Affinity Between Biden and Israel

During his visit to Israel, President Joe Biden assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet that he is a Zionist, emphasizing that one does not have to be Jewish to support Israel. This affirmation reflects Biden’s long-standing support for Israel, which has been a defining aspect of his political career. Despite his Irish Catholic background, Biden’s connection to Israel is deeply ingrained in his political DNA.

Biden’s support for Israel has been shaped by various factors. His father’s belief in the justness of establishing Israel as a Jewish homeland after the Nazi Holocaust had a profound impact on him. Additionally, Biden’s awareness of the historical persecution of Jews and the rise in antisemitic incidents in the U.S. has further solidified his support for Israel’s security.

Throughout his decades-long political career, Biden has maintained a consistent stance on the Israeli-Arab conflict. As a senator, vice president, and now president, he has advocated for Israel’s security while also supporting steps toward Palestinian statehood.

Biden’s Relationship with Netanyahu and Challenges Ahead

Although Biden and Netanyahu have a long history, their relationship has faced challenges in recent months. However, during their private meeting, tensions were put aside as they discussed the offensive in Gaza. Biden posed critical questions to Netanyahu, emphasizing the importance of considering the consequences of their actions beyond the immediate offensive.

While Biden’s alignment with Netanyahu may provide the U.S. with leverage to moderate Israel’s response in Gaza, it also risks alienating some progressives within the Democratic Party. Critics argue that Biden’s support for Israel undermines his role as an impartial peace broker and fuels international criticism of Israel’s tactics.

However, Biden’s wartime support for Israel could resonate with independent voters who share his affinity for the country. A recent poll showed that public sympathy for Israel in the U.S. has increased, particularly among Republicans. Biden and some fellow Democrats may also be cautious about opposing the influential pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC.

The Crisis and Criticisms

The ongoing crisis has sparked criticism of Biden for not devoting enough attention to the plight of Palestinians. Some argue that the U.S. administration’s neglect of the Israeli-Palestinian issue has contributed to the current situation.

While Biden has warned Iran not to get involved in the conflict, he has not specified the consequences. This veiled approach has drawn criticism, particularly from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who emphasizes the need to keep Iran out of the conflict.

Overall, Biden’s support for Israel during this crisis reflects his deep-rooted connection to the country. However, he faces the challenge of managing the delicate balance between unwavering support for Israel and advocating for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.