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Study reveals increasing prevalence of Anti-Black racism in EU nations, particularly Germany.

Discrimination against Black People on the Rise in Europe: Survey

Racism Towards Black People Growing in Europe

According to a recent survey conducted in 13 European Union (EU) countries, racism towards Black people is on the rise, with Germany, Austria, and Finland showing the highest rates of discrimination and harassment. The survey, commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), revealed that the proportion of respondents who felt racially discriminated against in the past 12 months had increased by 10 percentage points to 34% since the previous study conducted six years ago.

Germany, Austria, and Finland Lead in Discrimination

Among the surveyed countries, Austria and Germany had the highest proportion of respondents who experienced racial discrimination, with rates of 64%. This marks a significant increase from the previous study, where Germany’s rate was 33% and Austria’s was 42%. Following closely behind was Finland, with 54% of respondents reporting racial discrimination.

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No Improvement in Racial Discrimination

The survey’s findings are alarming, with the FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty expressing shock over the lack of improvement since the last survey. He noted that people of African descent continue to face discrimination solely based on the color of their skin.

Persistent Racial Discrimination

The survey also revealed that 45% of respondents reported feeling racially discriminated against in the past five years. Germany remained at the top with a rate of 76%. These figures indicate a 6-point increase from the previous study. Despite efforts to combat discrimination, the results demonstrate the persistent nature of racial discrimination in Europe.

Comprehensive Survey on Immigrants’ Experiences

The survey, conducted by Ipsos for the FRA, involved 16,124 immigrants and descendants of immigrants across 15 countries. The report, titled “Being Black in the EU,” focuses on the experiences of 6,752 individuals from sub-Saharan Africa or with at least one parent born there residing in various EU member states.

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Harassment Rates and Regional Differences

The survey found that 30% of respondents reported experiencing racist harassment in the past five years, with Germany having the highest rate at 54%, followed by Finland and Austria. Conversely, Portugal and Sweden had the lowest rates of harassment and racial discrimination.

Recommendations for Combating Discrimination

The FRA report includes several recommendations for EU member states to address racial discrimination effectively. These recommendations urge the proper enforcement of anti-discrimination legislation and the consideration of racial bias as an aggravating circumstance when determining penalties for crimes.

It is crucial for European countries to take concrete steps to combat racism and discrimination, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all individuals, regardless of their ethnicity or background.

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