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Stellantis and Ford temporarily lay off 1,250 employees due to UAW strike, reports Reuters.

Stellantis and Ford Temporarily Lay Off 1,250 Workers Amid UAW Strike

Chrysler-parent Stellantis and Ford Motor announced on Friday that they will be temporarily laying off 1,250 employees due to the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike.

Stellantis revealed that it currently has 1,340 employees on temporary layoff across three states, as a result of the strike that has been ongoing for four weeks. This announcement follows the layoff of 700 employees at two plants in Indiana.

Ford also stated that it will be temporarily laying off an additional 550 employees due to the UAW walkouts at its Kentucky Truck Plant and Chicago Assembly Plant.

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Beginning Monday, Ford will initiate layoffs of approximately 300 employees at an Ohio transmission plant, along with around 250 employees at four Michigan plants and 12 employees in Chicago. Since the strike commenced on September 15, Ford has already laid off 2,480 employees. The company has further warned that the strike at the Kentucky Truck Plant, its largest factory worldwide, could potentially impact up to twelve facilities.

Currently, over 34,000 UAW workers at the Detroit Three are participating in the strike, with General Motors reporting around 2,300 employees on temporary layoff.

This news highlights the significant impact the strike is having on the automotive industry, as both Stellantis and Ford are forced to make difficult decisions regarding their workforce due to the ongoing labor dispute.

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