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State media reports that Armita Geravand, an Iranian teenager, is declared ‘brain dead’.

Iranian Teenage Girl Reportedly ‘Brain Dead’ After Alleged Encounter with Officers

Teenager’s Condition Raises Concerns

A teenage girl in Iran is reported to be “brain dead” after falling into a coma following an alleged encounter with officers over violating the country’s hijab law, according to Iranian state media. The incident has raised concerns among rights groups, who fear a similar fate as a previous case that sparked nationwide protests.

Photos Spark Public Outcry

Photos of the 16-year-old girl, Armita Geravand, on life support with a respiratory tube and bandage over her head were published by rights advocates on social media. However, the authenticity of these photos could not be independently verified by Reuters.

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Medical Staff’s Efforts Prove In Vain

Despite efforts by medical staff, Geravand’s condition of being brain dead seems certain, as reported by state media. This development has reignited concerns about the treatment of individuals in the custody of Iranian authorities.

Denial and Dress Code

Iran has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that Geravand was not harmed during a confrontation on October 1st with officers enforcing the mandatory Islamic dress code in the Tehran metro. The country has imposed strict dress code regulations on women since the 1979 revolution, requiring them to cover their hair and wear loose-fitting clothes.

Increasing Defiance

There has been a growing trend of women defying the strict Islamic dress code, especially since the death of Mahsa Amini last year. Amini’s death while in the custody of morality police sparked nationwide protests, leading to a bolder challenge against Iran’s clerical rulers. Women have been appearing unveiled in public places such as malls, restaurants, and shops.

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It is crucial to address the concerns raised by this incident and ensure the well-being and rights of individuals in Iran. The international community must continue to advocate for the protection of human rights and press for transparency in cases like Geravand’s.

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