Home Stock Market Spotify’s Q3 active users surge and rare profit highlight successful quarter.

Spotify’s Q3 active users surge and rare profit highlight successful quarter.

Spotify’s Q3 active users surge and rare profit highlight successful quarter.

Spotify Reports Surge in Q3 Active Users and Rare Profit

Spotify Sees Significant Increase in Active Users

Music streaming giant Spotify has experienced a remarkable 26% rise in active users during Q3 2023, reaching a total of 574 million. The company predicts that this number will surpass 600 million by the end of the year. This surge in active users comes at a time when Spotify faces challenges from industry giants like Apple and Amazon.

Increase in Paying Subscribers and Revenue

During the same quarter, Spotify witnessed a 16% growth in paying subscribers, contributing to an 11% increase in revenue, totaling €3.4 billion ($3.6 billion). Out of this revenue, €2.91 billion ($3.08 billion) came from paid accounts, while ad-supported accounts generated €447 million ($473.29 million).

Unforeseen Quarterly Profit and Cost-Cutting Measures

In a surprising turn of events, Spotify achieved a rare quarterly profit of €32 million ($33.88 million), compared to last year’s loss of €228 million. This profit was made possible through strategic cost-cutting measures, including layoffs and reduced advertising initiatives, resulting in savings of around €160 million ($169.41 million).

Future Growth Drivers and Cash Flow

During the earnings call, CFO Paul Vogel and CEO Daniel Ek discussed Spotify’s future strategies. They highlighted increased audiobook consumption, the imminent profitability of podcasting, and the success of their two-sided Marketplace Initiatives as key growth drivers. The executives also noted that Spotify’s free cash flow for Q3 stood at €216 million ($228.65 million).

Continued Expansion and Job Cuts

Despite these positive figures, Spotify has yet to achieve a net profit for the full year. Earlier this year, the company implemented job cuts, reducing approximately 200 positions in its podcast division and slashing a total of 600 jobs, which accounted for 6% of its workforce.

Investments in Podcasts and User Base Expansion

Since its launch, Spotify has strategically invested over a billion dollars in podcasts and expanded into new markets, growing its staff from 3,000 in 2017 to around 9,800 by the end of 2022. The company’s user base expansion in Latin America and the Rest of World regions accounted for a combined 34% of Q3 subscribership share.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Spotify forecasts an addition of 27 million monthly active users and 235 million subscribers in Q4, with an operating profit of €37 million.

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