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Singapore court approves freeze order on wallets as soulbound NFTs, safeguarding uniqueness and preventing unauthorized access.

Singapore Court Approves Freeze Order Attached to NFTs

Singapore High Court Allows iSanctuary to Attach NFTs to Cold Wallets

The Singapore High Court has granted financial investigation firm Intelligent Sanctuary (iSanctuary) the authority to attach nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to cold wallets associated with a hacking incident. iSanctuary, based in the United Kingdom, revealed that a court-issued worldwide freeze order has been tokenized as soulbound NFTs and linked to the wallets in question. Although these NFTs will not prevent transactions with the wallets, they serve as a warning to counterparties and exchanges that the wallets were involved in a hack. Additionally, iSanctuary claims to have developed a method of tracking funds leaving the wallets by utilizing these NFTs, which will remain permanently attached.

Enhancing Security and Raising Awareness

This innovative move aims to enhance security measures and raise awareness among the crypto community. By attaching NFTs to the wallets, iSanctuary intends to deter potential malicious actors from engaging in transactions with the compromised wallets. The NFTs act as a clear signal that these wallets have been involved in a hack, serving as a cautionary measure for counterparties and exchanges.

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Tracking Funds Leaving the Wallets

Incorporating the NFTs allows iSanctuary to monitor the movement of funds leaving the wallets. This tracking mechanism provides valuable insights into the flow of funds, aiding in the investigation and recovery process. The ability to trace the movement of funds is a significant step forward in combating cryptocurrency-related crimes.

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

By permanently attaching the NFTs to the wallets, iSanctuary ensures transparency and accountability. This measure acts as a deterrent for any potential wrongdoers who may consider exploiting the compromised wallets. The knowledge that these wallets are being closely monitored and the funds can be traced adds an extra layer of security to the crypto ecosystem.


The Singapore High Court’s decision to authorize the attachment of NFTs to cold wallets marks a significant development in the fight against crypto-related crimes. iSanctuary’s innovative approach not only enhances security but also raises awareness within the crypto community. By tracking the movement of funds and permanently attaching NFTs, this groundbreaking initiative promotes transparency and accountability. This move will likely serve as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers and contribute to the overall safety of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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