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Search of Navalny’s lawyers’ homes by investigators sparks concerns among allies, say sources.

Investigators Target Homes of Navalny’s Lawyers, Allies Allege

Investigators have reportedly conducted searches in the residences of three lawyers representing Alexei Navalny, the renowned critic of the Kremlin. The searches were conducted on suspicion of the lawyers’ involvement in an “extremist community,” according to a close ally of Navalny. Navalny’s lawyers, namely Vadim Kobzev, Igor Sergunin, and Alexei Liptser, have been targeted in an apparent effort to isolate Navalny further. The imprisoned activist is currently serving his sentence in a penal colony located in the Vladimir region, east of Moscow.

Navalny is expected to be transferred to a different facility known for its “special regime” after being convicted in August on various charges related to “extremist” activities. This additional sentence of 19 years is in addition to the 11 and a half years he was already serving. Navalny vehemently denies all allegations against him, insisting they are politically motivated attempts to silence his criticism of President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has refrained from commenting on Navalny’s case or his treatment by prison authorities.

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Despite his incarceration since 2021, Navalny has remained active on social media through his legal representatives. However, Leonid Volkov, another ally of Navalny, has expressed concern over the recent developments. He posted on X that the three lawyers face the possibility of up to six years in prison if found guilty of being part of an extremist group, simply for representing Navalny.

Volkov further emphasized that these searches and potential arrests are acts of intimidation aimed at further isolating Navalny from the outside world. He also expressed fear that once Navalny is transferred to the “special security” facility, his lawyers may not be able to visit him or even ascertain his whereabouts if they themselves are incarcerated. The situation is undeniably alarming.

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