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Schumer highlights ‘meaningful discussion’ with China’s President Xi on recent trip to Beijing.

Chuck Schumer notes ‘serious engagement’ with China’s Xi during Beijing visit

Positive talks between US and China

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed satisfaction with the “serious engagement” that took place during a meeting between a bipartisan congressional delegation from the United States and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. The purpose of the visit was to promote US economic and national security interests, as well as pave the way for a potential summit between Xi and US President Joe Biden next month.

The United States and China have been at odds over various issues, including Taiwan, trade, fentanyl, and human rights. While President Biden has taken steps to limit China’s access to sensitive US technology, he has also sought to maintain open lines of communication.

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Schumer, speaking at a briefing in Beijing, emphasized the need for tangible results from the talks. He observed a notable difference in China’s current stance compared to previous interactions with US officials.

Targeting fentanyl trafficking

The United States recently announced measures against Chinese individuals and companies involved in the trafficking of the deadly drug fentanyl, a contentious point in US-China relations. Schumer and his fellow senators on the visit made a point of raising this issue with Chinese officials.

During the discussions, Schumer urged Xi to appoint a senior Chinese official responsible for addressing the fentanyl problem. China responded by expressing willingness to look into the matter.

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Successful meetings and continued engagement

The visit by the US delegation was deemed “remarkably successful” by Senator Mike Crapo, one of the leaders of the bipartisan group. The meetings were described as candid, frank, and respectful, with a clear desire for continued engagement between the two countries.

China’s stance on Israel

Schumer also disclosed that, during his meeting with Xi, he had urged China to support Israel following the recent attacks by Hamas. However, he expressed disappointment at Beijing’s lack of sympathy for Israel. In response, China’s foreign ministry called for an end to hostilities and advocated for the implementation of a two-state solution.

Asia visit continues

Schumer’s visit to Asia includes stops in South Korea and Japan, highlighting the importance of diplomatic relations and cooperation in the region.

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