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Russian court orders temporary actions in response to lawsuit between Baltika and Carlsberg.

Russian Court Grants Interim Measures in Baltika’s Lawsuit Against Carlsberg

Interim Measures Imposed Against Carlsberg by Russian Court

A court in St. Petersburg has imposed unspecified “interim measures” against Carlsberg in favor of Baltika Breweries, according to court filings. This comes after Carlsberg recently stopped licensing its brands in Russia. The move highlights the risks faced by Western companies that have not exited Russia since its invasion of Ukraine.

Carlsberg Terminates License Agreements with Baltika

After the termination of license agreements between Carlsberg and Baltika, the Danish brewer informed Baltika that the agreements enabling them to produce, market, and sell Carlsberg Group products had been terminated. The court filings provide no further information, other than the fact that interim measures have been granted in a lawsuit filed by Baltika against Carlsberg.

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Legal Proceedings and Potential Trademark Implications

In a separate lawsuit filed by Baltika on September 25, before the termination of the license agreements, the Russian brewery asked a court to prohibit Carlsberg from initiating legal proceedings in Denmark. Baltika raised concerns that Carlsberg might attempt to remove Baltika’s rights to use certain trademarks. While the court did not grant interim measures in that case, a hearing is scheduled for November 15.

No Immediate Response from Baltika or Carlsberg

As of now, Baltika and Carlsberg have not responded to requests for comment regarding the legal proceedings and interim measures. It remains to be seen how this case will develop and whether there will be any further actions taken by either party.

In conclusion, the court in St. Petersburg has granted interim measures against Carlsberg in a lawsuit filed by Baltika. This comes after Carlsberg terminated its license agreements with Baltika, raising concerns about potential trademark implications. The outcome of this legal battle will have significant implications for both companies involved.

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