HomeCryptocurrencyRipple's CFO departs amidst SEC legal action, highlighting company's ongoing challenges.

Ripple’s CFO departs amidst SEC legal action, highlighting company’s ongoing challenges.

Ripple’s CFO Departs Amid SEC Lawsuit

Ripple’s Chief Financial Officer Steps Down

Kristina Campbell, the former chief financial officer of Ripple, has recently left the crypto payments platform and has taken up a comparable position at Maven Clinic, a virtual healthcare provider.

Reasons Behind Campbell’s Departure

Although Campbell’s departure from Ripple occurred in October, there has been no official explanation provided for her exit after more than two years with the company. However, her LinkedIn profile suggests that she had a “memorable” time at Ripple. Prior to joining Ripple, Campbell held the position of CFO at payments platform PayNearMe for over four years.

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Implications for Ripple

With Campbell’s departure, Ripple will need to find a suitable replacement for the crucial role of CFO. The departure comes at a time when Ripple is facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), adding further complexity to the company’s financial operations.

The Future for Campbell at Maven Clinic

Joining Maven Clinic, Campbell takes on a comparable position as CFO, bringing her expertise in financial management and strategy to the virtual healthcare provider. Maven Clinic offers a range of healthcare services, including telemedicine, and Campbell’s experience will be instrumental in driving the company’s financial growth and success.


As Ripple moves forward in the face of the SEC lawsuit, the departure of its CFO raises questions about the company’s financial stability and leadership. Meanwhile, Campbell embarks on a new chapter in her career, bringing her financial expertise to Maven Clinic.

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