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Protests in Guatemala for orderly government transition result in at least one fatality.

Protests in Guatemala Demand Orderly Transition of Government

At least one person dead in Guatemala protests

At least one person has died and four others have been injured during ongoing protests in Guatemala. These demonstrations, which have been taking place for over two weeks, are calling for an orderly transition for President-elect Bernardo Arevalo. The death marks a tragic turn in the otherwise peaceful protests.

Concerns over election investigations

Guatemala’s independent attorney general has recently intensified investigations into the election of President-elect Arevalo and his Seed Movement party. This has raised concerns among protesters, who fear that these investigations could hinder the transition process. There is also a demand for the attorney general’s resignation.

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Violence erupts in Malacatan

On Monday, a protest in the town of Malacatan turned violent when a group of around 50 people armed with firearms, wooden planks, and stones attempted to dissolve the demonstration. The government has stated that 11 individuals have been detained in connection with the violence. Unfortunately, four people were injured and one person lost their life in the ensuing clashes.

Guatemalans demand justice

Tens of thousands of Guatemalans have taken to the streets daily since October 2nd, demanding the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo Porras and other judicial officials. Critics argue that the ongoing investigations are politically motivated and an attempt to undermine President-elect Arevalo’s victory in the August run-off.

Armed groups contribute to violence

In recent days, armed groups and police have been forcefully clearing some of the protests, leading to violence in various parts of the country. This has only further escalated tensions and raised concerns about the safety of peaceful protesters.

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President-elect shows support

President-elect Arevalo has expressed his support for the protesters, demanding that authorities ensure their safety. In a message posted on social media, he emphasized the importance of peaceful demonstrations and the need for a smooth transition of power.

These protests in Guatemala demonstrate the deep concerns and frustrations among the population regarding the election investigations and the future of their country. It remains to be seen how the government and the attorney general will respond to the demands of the protesters and address the ongoing unrest.

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