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Projected pretax profit to reach £1.77bn, with anticipated income growth. By

Barclays Q3 2023 Results: Strong Profit Forecast and Income Growth

Barclays Set to Announce Third-Quarter Results

Barclays is gearing up to reveal its third-quarter results for 2023. Analysts are predicting a pretax profit of £1.77 billion ($2.15 billion), based on a consensus forecast. This strong profit forecast indicates positive growth for the bank.

Healthy Income Growth Expected

In addition to the impressive profit forecast, Barclays’ total income is anticipated to reach £6.292 billion. This figure suggests growth compared to both the previous year and the previous quarter. The bank’s performance is on an upward trajectory.

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Corporate and Investment Bank Income Forecast

The income from Barclays’ Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), which reflects deal-making activity, is estimated to be £3.13 billion. Although this figure represents a year-on-year increase, it does show a slight decline from the second quarter of 2023. However, the overall trend remains positive.

Analysts’ Insights and Expectations

Analysts from Numis expect a lower-than-expected UK net interest margin. Barclays has set its 2023 margin guidance at no more than 3.20%. Meanwhile, Citi forecasts a credit impairment charge of £570 million due to potential risks associated with U.S. card and corporate provisions. This figure is higher than in previous periods.

UBS Predicts Questions About Financial Targets and Capital Return Strategy

UBS anticipates that Barclays’ announcement will prompt questions regarding the bank’s process of revising financial targets and its capital return strategy. These insights will shed light on the bank’s future plans and goals. Barclays’ full-year results are scheduled for release in February, providing a comprehensive view of the bank’s performance.

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Berenberg: Limited Strategic Changes Expected

Analysts from Berenberg suggest that Barclays’ ongoing strategy review may not result in significant strategic changes. This statement implies that the bank’s current operations and plans are likely to remain intact despite the review process. The review will provide valuable insights into the bank’s strategic direction.

This article delves into Barclays’ highly anticipated third-quarter results for 2023. With a strong profit forecast and expected income growth, the bank’s performance is poised for success. Analysts’ insights and expectations offer valuable perspectives on Barclays’ future plans and strategies. The bank’s upcoming full-year results will provide a comprehensive overview. Stay tuned for more updates.

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