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President condemns threats to Jewish life in Germany, calls it an outrageous act.

Germany’s Jewish Institutions Call for Enhanced Security Amid Rising Antisemitism

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his outrage on Sunday over the increased security measures implemented by Germany’s Jewish institutions following the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. He called on the attendees at a solidarity rally in Berlin to stand against antisemitism, stressing Germany’s responsibility to protect Jewish lives due to the Holocaust.

Rallying Against Antisemitism

President Steinmeier emphasized that Germany’s commitment to democracy means that all residents, regardless of their background or religion, must understand the significance of Auschwitz and the responsibility it places on the country. He condemned any attack on Jewish residents or institutions in Germany as an outrage.

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Escalation of Antisemitic Incidents

In the wake of Hamas’s incursion and the subsequent reprisal attacks by Israeli forces, Germany has witnessed a series of protests both in support of Israel and Gaza. Unfortunately, some of these demonstrations have been marred by the presence of antisemitic slogans. Stars of David have been found on buildings, and a synagogue in central Berlin was targeted with a petrol bomb. Consequently, some Jewish parents have even stopped sending their children to school due to safety concerns.

Germany’s Jewish and Palestinian Communities

Germany is home to some of the largest Jewish and Palestinian communities in Europe. With tensions running high, it is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of both communities.

Show of Solidarity

At the solidarity rally, which drew approximately 25,000 participants, Israel’s ambassador and relatives of German hostages taken by Hamas also addressed the crowd. The organizers included the country’s five main democratic parties, its Jewish community, trade unions, and employers’ organizations.

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Protests and Their Consequences

The majority of pro-Palestinian protests have focused on the humanitarian situation in Gaza rather than supporting Hamas. However, all but two of these demonstrations have been banned, with police using pepper spray to disperse gatherings, leading to accusations of discrimination.

Recognizing the Impact

President Steinmeier acknowledged that terror affects not only Israeli citizens but also individuals living in the Gaza Strip, who are often used as pawns by Hamas. It is crucial to consider their interests as well.

By rewriting this article, we aim to shed light on the rising antisemitism in Germany and the need to combat it. It is essential to protect the Jewish community and ensure the safety of all residents, regardless of their background or religion.

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