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Pregnant Migrants in Mexico Receive Care from Midwives During Their Journey, Says Reuters.

Migrant Women in Mexico Face Pregnancy Risks on Journey to the United States

A Glimpse into the Lives of Migrant Women

At a dusty migrant camp in southern Mexico, 19-year-old Luzmar Rodriguez is leaning on a reclined seat at the back of a gray van while a midwife presses a stethoscope against her stomach. “It’s the first time I’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat,” she said.

The Perils of the Journey

As record numbers of migrants embark on the treacherous trek through the Darien Gap jungles between Colombia and Panama, reports of rape have become alarmingly common. Shockingly, a growing number of those making the journey are children.

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A Venezuelan Woman’s Asylum Plan

Rodriguez, a Venezuelan woman who had lived in Chile for a year, is now on her way to the United States with her husband and three-year-old son. Seeking asylum at the border with Texas, she finds solace in the makeshift midwives’ station in the camp in Oaxaca state, where compassionate midwives assist migrants.

Midwives: Heroes in the Shadows

Operating across Mexico, a network of midwives provides vital support to migrant women. In this camp, where families sleep in small tents with minimal protection from the elements, around 300 people rest before continuing their journey to Mexico City.

Risks of Miscarriage and Limited Aid

Leticia Serrano, a 50-year-old midwife from Texas, highlights the increased risk of miscarriage resulting from the hardships and lack of water during the journey. “Everything that hurts the body irritates the uterus,” Serrano explains. Unfortunately, many women only discover they are pregnant after leaving the perilous jungle.

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A High-Risk Pregnancy

Melanie Gonzalez, aged 22, has been traveling for two months with her husband, leaving Venezuela in search of work in the United States to support her mother and two children back home. Despite undergoing surgery to prevent future pregnancies, she later learned she was facing a high-risk pregnancy. However, she admits to receiving little assistance on her journey.

The Need for Basic Amenities

“Here, what women need the most is a place to sleep that isn’t on rocks,” says Serrano, emphasizing the dire conditions faced by migrant women. Many risk infections that can lead to miscarriage, while enduring rough conditions without adequate support.

In conclusion, migrant women traveling through Mexico face numerous risks, including the threat of rape and complications during pregnancy. Their journey is characterized by hardships and limited access to essential resources. As the global community, it is crucial to acknowledge and address the challenges faced by these courageous women.

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