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Philippines condemns China’s alarming and disrespectful behavior in South China Sea, deems it offensive.

Philippine Military Urges China to Cease “Unsafe Actions” in the South China Sea

Chinese Navy Ship Endangers Philippine Vessel in South China Sea

The Philippine military has called out China for its “unsafe actions” in the South China Sea after a Chinese navy ship attempted to obstruct a Philippine navy vessel during a resupply mission. This incident occurred near Thitu island, which is considered Manila’s largest and strategically vital outpost in the region.

Philippine Armed Forces Chief Raises Concerns

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessel came within 350 yards of the Philippine ship, attempting to cross its path. This provocative maneuver not only put both maritime personnel at risk but also raised the potential for a collision. Armed forces chief Romeo Brawner expressed his concern about China’s dangerous and offensive behavior in a statement on Sunday.

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No Response from Chinese Embassy

Despite the incident, the Chinese embassy in Manila did not immediately respond to the Philippine military’s call for comment. This lack of response adds to the growing tensions between the two nations.

Repeated Attempts to Block Philippine Resupply Missions

This is not the first time China has attempted to monitor and obstruct Philippine resupply missions in the South China Sea. These missions are crucial for supporting personnel stationed in Manila-occupied features within the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

China’s Sovereignty Claim in the South China Sea

China asserts its sovereignty over almost the entire South China Sea, a region through which over $3 trillion of trade flows each year. This claim has resulted in territorial disputes and heightened tensions with neighboring countries.

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Strained Relations between Manila and Beijing

Relations between Manila and Beijing have become strained, particularly since Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos sought closer ties with the United States. This included granting increased access to Philippine military bases for the US.

It is essential for China to respect international norms and ensure the safety of all maritime personnel in the South China Sea. The Philippine military’s call for China to cease its “unsafe actions” aims to prevent any further escalation of tensions in the region.

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